About Tacohuaco

We’ve started Tacohuaco as a better way of keeping notes about foodses we cook, and it evolves together with our cooking needs, with features like scaling and using one recipe as a part of another recipe.

We try to create something like a cooking system, where we use the same ingredients, techniques or even whole recipes for many dishes, to minimize time to cook and waste, and to simplify shopping for the ingredients. We also want to cook more using local and seasonal ingredients.

Some recipes are foundation recipes and used throughout the site, some we cook only for special occasions.

Many recipes here are inspired by our cuisines — Mexican and Russian, cookbooks, travels, or just a random photo we’ve seen somewhere. We like to combine, adjust, and never cook the recipes precisely, even our own. And we recommend you do the same!

Don’t be afraid to exchange ingredients for what you have at home or what’s available on the market. You could surprise yourself with amazing unexpected results!

We often cook without a recipe at all — axe tacos (or stone tacos) is one of our favorite recipes and you’ll never find it on the site because it’s different every day — we just cook everything that’s left in the fridge. This is the best way to avoid food waste and get a delicious meal quickly.

Margarita (Dr. Taco) and Artem. May the klatz (and food) be with you!