Frijoles are probably a¬†staple of¬†Mexican society (the¬†same way the¬†baguette is¬†a¬†staple of¬†French society and¬†the¬†toilet paper‚ÄĮ‚ÄĒ‚ÄĮof¬†German)! They are used as¬†a¬†side dish in¬†many (like really many) Mexican dishes, they can also be¬†used as¬†a¬†main course in¬†some other presentations. The¬†frijoles refritos (refried beans) is¬†one of¬†our favorites because you can use it¬†as¬†a¬†topping for¬†your tacos, lonches, quesadillas and¬†so¬†on, as¬†a¬†dip with totopos (tortilla chips) or¬†as¬†a¬†side in¬†a¬†(spicy) dish to¬†complement¬†it.



Yields 300 g

  1. 200 g of beans
  2. 1 serrano chile
  3. salt
  4. olive oil

You will need

  1. potato masher


  1. Soak the beans overnight.
  2. Cook the beans in lightly salted water on medium heat until tender.
  3. Cool down the beans in their cooking liquid.
  4. Cook the chili on a skillet with a bit of olive oil on medium heat, until blistered on all sides.
  5. Add the beans to the skillet with a bit of their cooking liquid (keep about 1 cup separately), cover, and bring to a boil.
  6. Smash the beans and the chili using a masher until there are very few whole beans left.
  7. Reduce or add more liquid to achieve the desired consistency.

Notes & tips

The use of chili to prepare frijoles refritos is optional, it was the way of Margarita’s grandma.
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